Choosing the best hearing health care professional for you can be quite a challenge. At Billings Hearing Aid Services we understand this. As you begin the process of figuring the best possible hearing solution for you, you’ll discover there’s a wide range in cost & quality of devices. You’ll also find a wide range in care. We strive to provide you with a perfect balance of quality, value, and care both before and for long after you purchase your devices. We understand you are not buying hearing aids—you’re investing in a better quality of life and all the care and service you’ll ever need to obtain and maintain. We Care, There is no question—keeping well trained, using state-of-the-art equipment, and fitting only top quality hearing devices is very important. However, the real key to success is in each patient’s level of motivation, their professional’s caring attitude, expert help, and their ability to work together as a team.
Facts & Questions Q: Will a hearing devices completely restore hearing? No hearing device will restore your natural hearing completely. They improve the quality of life by providing benefit and improvement in communication and by keeping you in touch with your surroundings. The sounds of life are the “spice” new technology can offer. Q: What are the most common causes of hearing loss? There are many causes of hearing loss. Excessive loud noise for long periods of time, genetics, infections, birth defects, reactions to medications and cancer treatments. The most common cause is Presbycusis—the aging process of the ear. Q: How much do hearing aids cost: Prices on hearing aids vary depending on the severity of your hearing loss, specific models and features. Checking your insurance provider is always worth a try. You may also qualify for discounts through your employer, union, Veterans Administration or the Lion’s Club. Services Hearing evaluations are completely complimentary. Video Otoscopy, video inspection of the ear canal & ear drum is completely complimentary. Battery Club -- $45.00 per year pick them up or we can mail them to you. Second opinions Communication Skills Counseling Shuttle Service In Home Service


  • Joe & Sharon Boyd
    Joe & Sharon Boyd “Mr. Kidder (Gary) has assisted Sharon and I, two brother-in- laws and my 96 -year -old mother. Also he has helped several real estate clients of ours. Sharon and I first wandered around in the Rocky Mountains with overpriced, poor performing hearing aids and experienced non-caring get out of here "we already have your money" service and attitude. Our faith and instincts led us to Gary. He has us fitted with state of the art devices that matched our budget. He and his personable staff have always been available to make the few and minor adjustments over the years. Almost every time I visit with my 96- year- old mother she asks me to say hello and thanks to "Mr. Kidder". She again enjoys being around people with whom she can relate by hearing every word.”
  • Sister Marya Grathwohl
    “These devices have made a Huge positive difference in the quality of my life.. In my ministry , as a Spiritual Director, I am better able to hear and respond to people’s concerns. "
  • Leonard Hinton
    “I hear very well – like I used to hear when I was in my 20s. Birds and other sounds of nature are audible and enjoyable again. The service is really great too. The custom adjustments makes everything just right for my needs."
  • John Mayfield
    “These things work, they really work."
  • Eileen B.
    “I have had the distinct pleasure of being associated with Gary Kidder both professionally and personally for many years. Gary is dedicated to providing for his patients the very best of care, serving each and every patient with kindness and compassion, providing however much time it takes to ensure that the life of his patient is improved. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary and Billings Hearing Aid Institute to anyone in need of advice or assistance with hearing problems."
After Care Services Life-Time cleanings Life-Time adjustments 45 day 100% “worry free” money back return privilege.
Meet Our Staff

Nationally Certified Dispenser


Gary H Kidder - BC-HIS,MCAP Mr. Kidder (Gary) has been serving the hearing impaired in many ways for more than 30 years. Hearing Health Care Provider-- As a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist he treats each individual patient in a caring and professional manner. He uses cutting edge technology to evaluate, fit, and service the hearing impaired. He’s a patient, persistent, straightforward, person with a taste for dry humor- that part comes with his last name. As a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist has has been serving the hearing impaired for more than 30 years. Volunteer--Gary has been involved locally, regionally, and nationally with groups such as SHHH (Self Help for Hard of Hearing People) and CICI (Cochlear Implant Club International). He was president of Montana’s Rimrock Chapter of SHHH for 3 years, a member of the National Board of Directors for CICI. And also a Big Sky Hospice volunteer. Author, Workshop Conductor and Speaker--Gary has written numerous articles and has conducted many workshops nationally relating to hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and cochlear implants. He’s also organized, participated in, and conducted professional panels and workshops in Montana and various parts of the country as well.
Whitney Jensen Whitney has been the marketing coordinator at Billings Hearing Aid for four years. She sends you all that extra mail you enjoy receiving. She has been learning from Gary about different hearing devices to help on busy days. She loves to hear how they have changed people’s lives in such amazing ways.

Marketing Coordinator

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At Billings Hearing Aid in Billings, Montana, it is our mission to treat those suffering with hearing loss in the most dignified, caring, respectful, and professional manner possible. To always provide patients with friendly expert service, quality only, and top value.