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Each week at Billings Hearing Aid we provide new information for individuals wanting to learn more about hearing loss, new technology, better ways to communicate an much more.

Helpful Communication Tips
Validate what you’ve heard. Face who you’re speaking with. Do Not Bluff. People can tell you didn’t “get it” and often think you just don’t care what they have to say. Show them you do care. Tell others how to best talk with you. Please don’t interrupt too often. Seat yourself so you’re facing away from competing noise. Put “Back-Ground Noise” in back of you. Look for visual cues as to what is being said. Anticipate difficult listening situations. Determine how best to maximize communicating with others. Compliment others for being patient and for making the effort communicate with you. Be realistic – even people with very good hearing miss words and ask others to repeat on occasion, especially in competing noise situations. Tips for speaking to those who struggle with hearing loss
Get the person’s attention first before you speak them. Do not shout when repeating, it looks like you’re angry. Instead, get closer and speak in at a normal volume. Face who you’re speaking to. Whenever possible, reduce competing sounds (TV, radio, running water, etc.) Be in the same room when talking to each other – not in another room, upstairs, downstairs, or when walking away - subtle words sounds become inaudible. Speak at a moderate pace – not too quickly. Rephrase when necessary. Don’t look down or block or have obstacles in front of your mouth when speaking. When in doubt, ask the person for suggestions on how to best improve communications. When in doubt, ask the person for suggestions on how to best improve communications. ***REMEMBER, we are all human beings. Therefore, we are not perfect, we make mistakes. It is important that we are patient with, and nice to, each other.***
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